The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. #3):

The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. #3):

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The Student's Workbook & Teacher's Training guide: 8.5" x 11", 768 pages, paperback.

Unlike other books on Christian Mysticism that talk about spiritual transformation, this rare instructional workbook actually teaches the reader how to embody divine light, and transition through the different “death and rebirth” stages of true spiritual alchemy. Specifically written for the serious practitioner, the following teacher’s workbook is designed to open your heart and mind to the true mystical teachings of the early Christian apostles, saints, and ancient believers - and will forever change your life.

These profound spiritual teachings were specifically written for the modern - open-minded, progressive thinking Christian – and as such, these important trainings are designed to awaken the soul and bring about the powerful divine illuminations hidden within each child of light. Once the true meanings of these ancient teachings are understood and spiritually embodied, the profound insight and awakened truth can then be applied and energetically practiced in every religious sect and esoteric spiritual tradition in the world.

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