The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 2)

The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 2)

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Psychic Influences & Spiritual Protection.  8.5" x 11", 230 pages, paperback 

The documented knowledge and wisdom in this second book goes far beyond the study of simple fable and poltergeist activity. Instead, it enters into the deepest discoveries of divine law, which are said to rule over and govern the different spiritual realms. That being said, the mystical teachings and principles that are contained within this workbook are specifically tailored for those individuals who seek after deeper truths that have somehow eluded their current spiritual practice.

In this second book, Professor Johnson covers such topics as the metaphysical manifestations within the Christian Church, the three realms of creation, the powerful effects of psychic influence, understanding thought forms, ghosts, hauntings, demonic spirits, the study of angelology, the celestial guardians, the history of magical books, the Treasury of Light, accessing the radiant light of God, different types of exorcism, and what to do before, during, and after an exorcism, as well as many different sacred-sound meditations, healing applications, and spiritual transformation trainings.

These are embodiment teachings, designed to uplift, transform, and enlighten the reader’s body, mind, and spirit.

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