Taiji (T'ai Chi): Glass Calligraphy Pendant

Taiji (T'ai Chi): Glass Calligraphy Pendant

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Chinese calligraphy for "Taiji" (T'ai Chi) in a necklace/pendant

Taiji (Pinyin: Taiji; Wades Giles: T'ai Chi): A Chinese cosmological term for the "Supreme Ultimate" state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before duality, from which Yin and Yang originate. The term Taiji and its Wades Giles spelling of T'ai chi are most commonly used in the West to refer to Taijiquan, an internal martial art and health promoting exercise based on the principles of Taiji.



Approximately .75 x 1.25" rectangular metal bezel with thick glass front. The glass magnifies the calligraphy image slightly and the bezel's finish and thick casting gives it a vintage look.

Pendant comes with an 18" length black leather cord necklace with end cap, lobster clasp, and a 2" adjustable chain extender (18"- 20"). Silk jewelry gift pouch included (random colors).