Ron Teeguarden Article Collection

Ron Teeguarden Article Collection

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A collection of 7 back issues that feature articles from Ron Teeguarden, Master Herbalist, Master Daoist, and co-owner of Dragon Herbs.

Below is a brief description of his articles in each issue. And of course, you get each back issue which includes all the other articles.

Autumn 2003: "Your Lungs—The Source of Qi and the Seat of Wisdom"
Asian masters have long observed life from an energetic and functional point of view. They have come to recognize a number of profound functions associated with the lungs and with breathing, most of which are not generally noticed by the layman, especially in the West. By understanding how the lungs work, what they do, what they influence and how to develop them, it is possible to radically improve one’s life.

Winter 2003-2014: "Your Kidneys—The Root of Life"
The Kidney as defined by the Chinese is not the same as that of Western anatomy and physiology. According to Chinese philosophy an health sciences, the Kidney determines the power and length of one's life.

Autumn 2007: "The Importance of the Three Treasures—And Why All Daoists Have Used Tonic Herbs to Nurture Them"
It is highly probable that every Daoist practitioner that ever lived in Asia (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) consumed certain tonic herbs, either regularly or from time to time. Why? Did these adepts take herbs just so they could have more energy so they could accomplish their daily tasks? Did they take tonic herbs to handle the stress encountered in life? Did they take them to overcome health challenges? No. They took (take) tonic herbs to nurture the fundamental “energies” of life.

Winter 2015-2016: "Part 1: The Importance of Chinese Tonic Herbs"
Part 1 of 2 parts: Tonic herbs are fundamental tools for attaining glowing health. In the Orient, the term “glowing health” was traditionally used by Daoists (Taoists) to connote “health beyond danger.” It is a state of health where the body, mind and spirit are performing optimally and harmoniously, and as a result one’s resistance to stress, microbes, adverse environmental factors and toxins is tremendously enhanced. When one has achieved “glowing health,” we are free to follow our path, to practice, grow and develop, unhindered by annoyances like most disease and pain, excessive adversity and mayhem. By Ron Teeguarden, Master Herbalist

Spring 2016: "Part 2: The Importance of Chinese Tonic Herbs"
Part 2 of 2 parts (Part 1 is in Winter 2015-2016 issue)

Winter 2016-2017: "It's All About the Water"
Jing Qi Shen Xuan Guan—This Daoist phrase translates as “The Three Treasures—Jing, Qi and Shen—are the entrance to the state of conscious immortality.” The Jing of Water— The Water Element is directly associated with Jing, the Kidneys and the maintenance of Life. The Qi of Water—Water moves, carries energy, oxygen, minerals and nutrients, all of which are needed to make and maintain Qi. Water has Qi or it is dead. Stagnant water will decay. Moving water will become enlivened. Water can serve as a model for living, but since we are mostly water, it has a very practical and profound influence on our corporeal life, how we live and ultimately on whom we are. People commonly say “we are what we eat.” But being at least 75% water, maybe “we are the water that we consume”is amore accurate truism.

Winter 2019-2020: "The Wondrous Cycle of Qi Transformation or, How Life Works"
Like that of all life on earth, your life is based on energy transformation. Your biochemistry is a nearly infinitely sophisticated and nuanced energetic dynamo. Chemical energetic bonds are built and broken, storing and releasing energy trillions of times a moment in your body. This all happens in an ever-changing environment that requires constant adaptation by your body so that you can thrive for decades. Insightful geniuses recognized this thousands of years ago in China, and these sages defined life in terms of the energetics central to our life.