Will Power

Will Power

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It is said in the Far East that “will power” (Zhi) is the “fourth Treasure” – the first three Treasures being, Essence (Jing), Vitality (Qi), and Spirit (Shen). This status as the fourth “Treasure” is of profound importance to those of us who desire to grow and evolve. With will power, we can achieve even superhuman power. With will power, we can resist the temptations that drag us down and slow down or block our progress to success, glowing health and enlightenment. The understanding of the primal importance of will power as a superior human trait goes back to the dawn of mankind.

The development of will power has been made part of the Taoist practices for over three thousand years. Long, long ago, Taoists incorporated herbs into their Taoist Path programs. Herbs, primarily tonic herbs, play a key role in the promotion of glowing health and clear state of mind required for Taoist training. Certain herbs became known to promote different mental capabilities. Several herbs specifically became known to promote a sense of purpose and to be able to foster will power. Thus formulations composed of these herbs were created and passed on from teacher to student over hundreds and thousands of years.

Dragon Herbs Will Strengthener™ is one of these ancient Taoist formulas. Will Strengthener™ is based on a wonderful tonic herb called Polygala. This herb was traditionally known as the “Will Strengthener.” Polygala is combined with herbs that strengthen Qi and Shen, helping us to remain “centered” during stress and thus allowing us to persevere through difficulties. Will Strengthener™ can be used by anyone wishing to build will power in order to achieve new heights and to break old habits, no matter how deeply engrained.

Taoist FYI — Will Strengthener™ opens the Penetrating Vessel, also known as the Central Channel (Zhong Mei). The Penetrating Vessel is an energy channel that runs inside the body from the perineum (a point between the legs) to the crown of the head, in front of the spine and through the brain. All of the major energy centers of the body are located along its route. These are known in Chinese as the Dantian (and in India as the Chakras). All in all, there are ten Dantian. Three of the Dantian are considered so major that they are the primary “fields of energy” focused upon by adepts to attain glowing health, enlightenment and “immortality.”
Will Strengthener™ can be one of the most useful “tools” in all of herbalism and Taoist practice. All spiritual practice centers around the ability to “let go,” release blocks and to form healthy, natural, harmonious patterns. This formula dramatically supports this process.

100 capsules. Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times per day.