Chinese Calligraphy Art in Curved Glass: Karma

Chinese Calligraphy Art in Curved Glass: Karma

SKU: P124

Chinese character for "Karma" (Ye) displayed in a curved glass frame, with optional acrylic stand included. Glass frame size: 6" x 7.25" with 4" x 6" character insert.

This character describes the Buddhist concept of "Karma". The concept that actions committed in a former life or time affect the present and future. Means the same in Chinese or Japanese kanji. Not a common everyday character and very specific to Buddhist. 

The character is painted in running script style, then printed on acid-free 100% cotton archival paper. A unique curved glass frame focuses attention on the character and makes a simple, yet beautiful way of displaying the character on a desk, shelf, or table.

Chinese calligraphy is considered the quintessence of Chinese culture and art. The black and white strokes are an expression of the spirit and images of nature and reflect the calligraphers feelings... a balance between the form and the ideological content expressed in a character.