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Five Element Fengshui Candle: Earth

SKU: H502

These handmade candles are poured in a palm wax that crystalizes to form a unique marbleized finish. Each candle is unique. The handcrafted calligraphy for each element is an integral part of the candle. When burned, the hard palm wax mixes with the softer soy wax center to provide a long lasting, clean flame than tunnels downward, leaving a thin outer shell that glows. For safety, never leave a burning candle unattended and always use a noncombustible candle holder or plate. Our candles reflect the spirit and energies of fengshui when burning or just being displayed. Candles are an easy way to bring the energies of each element into your home decor. 

EARTH: In FengShui, the Earth element offers protection, stability and security. Earth makes you grounded, stable, and balanced. Our earth candle's color is yellow and it has a light vanilla scent. Can be used for enhancing the earth element, or to fortify the metal element, or to control excess water. Earth affects physical strength and order while generating an overall feeling of grounding, balance and stability. An overabundance of earth energy and people will often notice a heavy sensation and can experience boredom, sluggishness and seriousness. Too little earth, people may feel disorganized, chaotic and unfocused.

Each candle is specifically designed, scented, and colored to represent one of the 5 elements. These unique candles are handmade at our workshop using only the finest vegetable-based waxes. No petroleum-based waxes like most commercial candles. For more information, you can visit this link.

Our Candles Feature:

  • 100% Natural waxes from renewable sources, IFRA compliant fragrance oils, and natural cotton/paper wick.
  • Hard palm wax exterior with soft soy wax center (yin/yang=harmony).
  • Lightly scented in appropriate fengshui scents for each element.
  • Long burning, clean flame. 3.25"x 4"(13 ounces each).
  • Safety burn-stop wick tab.
  • 3 custom calligraphy characters on each candle (a lucky fengshui number). *Designed and handmade in USA