What's in the Autumn 2023 Issue?

The Interrelationship of All Things


The Interrelationship of All Things

The rigors of daily life tend to unbalance the shoulder—hip axis. Sometimes the imbalance is hardly noticed. Sometimes it is the root cause of body tension and pain. When the body is out of alignment, it compensates by readjusting muscles and tendons to “protect” the imbalance. Over time, chronic dysfunction becomes “normal.” A daily practice of stretching and strengthening can serve to realign the body and offset chronic patterns of over compensation. By Charlotte Sun, RN (ret.), PhD, MT


Questions & Answers in Taiji Practice

This article contains excerpts from a recently published book entitled “108 Answers to Tai Chi Practice” by Jesse Tsao, and presents a tantalizing peek into the profound wisdom it offers to both novices and seasoned Taiji practitioners. Four of the 108 “answers” were selected to showcase the depth of knowledge contained within the book. One answer includes a comprehensive guide to current styles of taijiquan (t’ai chi). By Jesse Tsao, PhD.

Wu Daikwai: Grandson of Grandmaster Wu Kam Chuen

Sifu Daikwai was a prominent figure in the Wu family style of taijiquan. By 1970, he had become the fourth generation Gatekeeper of Wu Family Practice. He followed in the footsteps of his great grandfather, Chuan Yu, grandfather, Wu Kam Chuen, and father, Wu Gongyee. He was taught directly and personally by his grandfather, Wu Kam Chuen, over many years. Later, in the districts of Guangzhou and Foshan, he crossed hands, [fought] with a wide variety of martial boxers and wrestlers hundreds of times. He achieved an outstanding record and reputation for always winning.
By C.L. Chan. Co-translated by Y.L. Yip & LeRoy Clark and edited by LeRoy Clark.

Daoist Life Cultivation for Mental Wellness

This article extends the conversation that was initiated in the previous issue of Qi Journal (Summer 2023). Daoism is much more than a philosophy. Principles derived from the deeply holistic philosophy provide the basis for living a healthy, happy, robust, and resilient life that can result in great longevity if practiced with mindfulness, patience, and persistence. Daoism has become synonymous in Asia not only with wisdom and as a quick path to enlightenment, but also with health preservation, life cultivation, glowing health and longevity. By Ron Teeguarden


Departments include: “The Earth Energies of Fengshui” by James Frank Loretta which takes a wide view of fengshui instead of focusing on one’s home decoration. “Chinese Dragons” is a cultural tidbit from Steven Luo. “The 24-Posture Simplified Taijiquan” by Luo Shiwen describes the “who, what, when, where, and how” this popular taiji routine was created. Then Rochelle Johnson shares “Nurturing Balance: TM Inspired Autumn Foods for Optimum Health” where she delves into the principles of TCM nutrition that support transitioning to the autumn season. And of course, our usual news and cultural tidbits complete the issue.

I hope you enjoy this, our 131st consecutive issue of Qi Journal.


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