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Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation

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Articles on Qigong, Yoga & Meditation Practices


A Discourse on Qigong and Medicine

Now is the time to bring Qigong theory and Qigong research into the arena of modern rational knowledge and correct the distorted ideas which surround the understanding of Qigong and to disconnect them from superstition and mystery.

Ancient Healthcare for a Modern World

There is a vast difference between pre-symptomatic, wellness-based health care and post-symptomatic, pathology-based medical intervention.

Body Posture for Qigong Practitioners

The body is the basis of life and is dependent on the Qi and the mind. If the body is not correct, then the Qi does not circulate smoothly. And if the Qi does not circulate smoothly, then the mind is not at peace.

Complete Reality

Qigong works through a growing awareness and enhancement of the "Qi" within us, as well as surrounding us. A consistent qigong practice enlivens the many layers of the body from the physical to the energetic.

Dragon and Guai

According to Chinese astrology, LiChun  is the marker for the beginning of the energetic year, which in China, is named after an animal symbol. LiChun means the beginning of spring season, and although it comes around at roughly the same time every year, the exact moment of its beginning it will vary slightly from year to year.

ErMei Qigong

With a foundation of Wudang Taoism, Er Mei Qigong rests in the heart of the Mahayana/Vadrayana tradition of Buddhism.

Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

A Falun Gong practitioner responds with an article that answers some of questions brought forward with their own personal experience.

Get Your Ki (Qi) Moving with Brain Wave vibration

My co-workers and I have discovered a powerful, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps stimulate the flow of ki to bring our bodies and minds back into balance. It’s called brain wave vibration.

Guo Lin Walking Qigong

How and why "Guo Lin Walking Qigong" became the most popular and effective form of Qigong for cancer.

How to Minimize Effects of Qigong Deviations

Qigong deviations (adverse symptoms) are currently seen as a romantic escape from the drudgery of everyday life and many times they are either under reported as deficiency (not really important) or over emphasized as a goal to be sought as manifested by 'qi flow'.

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