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Winter 2019-2020.



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Welcome to Qi Journal




What's in the Winter 2019-2020 Issue?


T'ai Chi Ch'uan Breathing

By William C. C. Chen: This article explains to T'ai Chi players how and why I follow natural diaphragm breathing. I am very pleased that the breathing is applicable to good health as well as to any actions for martial arts. The concept of my natural breathing with the 60 movements was from the early 1950s, when I was an assistant to Professor Cheng Man-Ching: he always said that the breathing system used when practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan is based on natural breathing.


Health Reboot: Qigong, Nutrition, and Mindfulness to Change Your Life

By Lisa B. O'Shea: Stagnation of the energy in the liver is at the root of the most common illnesses: cardiovascular health problems, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune problems, digestive problems like acid reflux, high cholesterol, anxiety, and depression. There are two factors that undermine our liver health: stress and diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us that the liver energy is utilized every time we make a decision and take action on it.


The Wondrous Cycle of Qi Transformation or, How Life Works

By Ron Teeguarden: Like that of all life on earth, your life is based on energy transformation. Your biochemistry is a nearly infinitely sophisticated and nuanced energetic dynamo. Chemical energetic bonds are built and broken, storing and releasing energy trillions of times a moment in your body. This all happens in an ever-changing environment that requires constant adaptation by your body so that you can thrive for decades. Insightful geniuses recognized this thousands of years ago in China, and these sages defined life in terms of the energetics central to our life.


Beginning T'ai Chi Silk Reeling

By Eric Borreson: All t'ai chi styles include forms that use what is called silk reeling, or spiral force. The movement is similar to the spiral movements involved in unwinding a silk cocoon. Silk reeling exercises (drills) are repetitive spiral movements that place an emphasis on ground connection, waist connection, dan tien rotation, knee alignment, and opening and closing of the kuas and folds of your arms. The exercises train the body to move as one unit led by the dan tien. This article is intended to supplement what your teacher says and to give teachers a place to get beginners started.



Departments include "Qigong the Power of Intention" by Jane Golden; "Qigong: A Key to Dynamic Happiness" by Robert Peng; "How We Move Says So Much" by Paul Tim Richard; "Twenty Ways to Prevent Negative Qi in Your Home" by Charles Shahar; "2020: Year of the Metal Rat" by Steven Luo as well as our usual news and tidbits. We hope you enjoy this, our 116th consecutive issue.


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