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Acupuncture and TCM Articles

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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Articles

Acupressure Analgesia: Providing Pain Relief During Labour

Eight acupressure points for women and their support people prior to labour. This is usually in the context of one half-hour session around the 36th week of the pregnancy. How to locate the points, their indications and the various ways they may be used in a hands-on manner.

Reflexology: "Sole Searching"

The feet are the mirrors reflecting physiological conditions throughout the body. Blockages of blood, breath or energy, any disease, injury, illnesor tension in the body is reflected on the corresponding reflex area of the foot.

Tuina FAQ

Chinese Tuina (Massage) uses pressure and manipulation. The concept is simple...when the Qi flows freely, the body is healthy. These 4 pages include: History and theory, what to expect during a session, and examples of self-massage.

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