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Universal Earth Energy: The Roots of our Nature

With so much media attention, you have probably heard of Feng Shui. It is also likely that this Chinese concept is as hard for you to grasp, as it is to pronounce. Earth Design incorporates the principles of Feng Shui, natural laws, and mythology to create greater health, wealth and happiness. You can use Earth Design as a method to align your environment with the natural laws so you can benefit from their perfection.

For as long as we have needed shelter, man has been affected by his space. Ancient man was sensitive to his surroundings and his connection to the earth. Using the same natural instincts as his animal brothers, he intuitively understood the lay of the land. He could feel when a space was magnetically hot and over-stimulating to the body and the senses or when a site was so special that it was honored and shared with all clan members for ceremony or hunt. Man has used observing nature and using her secrets for personal enrichment since the beginning of time. This practice has reached modern day through mythology.

Mythology & Earth Design

Mythology is the intuitive explanation of the workings of nature and her cycles. History has proven that when these cycles are represented in the design of buildings and their interiors, abundance and well-being are enhanced. Ancient Earth designers across the globe constructed sacred structures inauspicious locations to honor their spiritual expression as well as their cultural mythology.

The Egyptian pyramids were constructed to house the spirit of Osiris for all eternity, and Greek temples were the gods' earthly homes when they ventured from Mount Olympus. When the gods were pleased, visionaries advised that man would be blessed with good fortune.

The sublime and enduring beauty of these sacred buildings arises from the foundation of the natural laws on which they were built. When you design according to the same laws, you too will be blessed with good fortune.

The Cycle of Personal Mythology

The force has been defined and explored at great length in Hollywood's science-fiction mythology, "Star Wars." The force or Qi (the Chinese word for energy) is the momentum of life. Scientifically, energy is the attraction of molecular structure; it is the glue that holds the cycles of nature together. Like the blood that circulates and nourishes your body, Qi is the life force that circulates through everything, natural and man-made, including your home and office.

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