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Comfortable Energies

Our body contains energy or "qi" that is sensitive to our surroundings. The shape of our bodies, our facial features, our posture and physical appearance are clues that tell us about the energy we possess. Likewise, a building's form, structure and interior layout reflect the energies that it embodies. Feng shui is a study of the cause and effects that occur from the interaction of various people in different places.

When a house's energies match our body's energy, it lets us feel comfortable--there's a sense of security and confidence.

When a house's energies match our body's energy, it lets us feel comfortable--there's a sense of security and confidence. Very often when we shop for a house, we tend to settle in houses that have similar energies. However, this does not necessary mean that the house is good for us. For instance, people with low or negative energy may feel most at home in a house that also has weak energies--unfortunately, this usually causes them trouble or illness. People who have a pattern of money problems may unknowingly chose to live in a house with energies that cause financial instability. The following is a recent case that reflects this:

Simon bought a new house and wants me to check the feng shui. As I drove towards his home, there were several hints that this is a house of money loss and loneliness. The number of his address added up to one, a symbol of being alone. The house is located by itself on the top of a hill. Although the view is magnificent, this site has no energy because it stands unprotected. There are no mountains or hills around it to shield it from harsh winds or act as a natural container of energy. On all sides, steep slopes let energy or "qi" descend away from the house.

The house also has an extremely awkward shape which creates an irregular flow of energy that is conducive of malice and illness. The building's width is greater than the depth and it had a profusion of windows. Both these aspects compounded by the house's shape and site conditions all lead to energy loss. This usually results in catastrophe such as financial difficulties and ultimately, bankruptcy. Simon raises his eyebrows and tells me that this house was sold as a foreclosure because the previous owner had gone bankrupt.

Although the door opens to the correct direction for Simon's energy field, the entry opens to a driveway overlooking a cliff. There are no bedrooms in the right location for Simon. How did Simon end up buying a house like this? Looking at his aura and his birth chart, his energies are weak and this is an exceptionally bad year for him. Any sort of movement or dramatic change in his life would lead to unforeseen challenges that will cause him much misery and pain. I highly recommended for him not to move this year. He replied that he had to move. Last year, there were four deaths in his family, he was involved in a law suit and suffered severe stress. He wants change.

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