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Winter 2019-2020.
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Pinyin to Wade Giles to Yale converson utility

This utility can assist converting between various romanization systems. It uses a standard phonetic formula and can convert individual words or entire phrases.

Each word needs to be separated by a space. Tone marks should not be used and will return errors, but correct apostrophes need to be used in the Wades-Giles input method. Punctuation is ignored. The preset links at the bottom can guide you to its usage.

If you get many errors (?), make sure you are selecting the correct input romanization method.


Select Your Input method:  Pinyin    Wade-Giles   Yale    

Pinyin Version:

a a

Wade-Giles Version:

a a

Yale Version:

a a

Try some of these popular pinyin terms:

Famous figures:
lao zi
zhuang zi
kong zi
mao ze dong
deng xiao ping
jiang ze min

Qi-related terms:
dao de jing
yi jing
tai ji quan
t'ai chi ch'uan
qi gong

Famous places:
bei jing (peking)
si chuan
wu dong
xi' an
guang zhou (canton)

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